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Tournaments are voluntary and not a requirement at AIMA (less than 20% are active in tournaments). However, for those who do enjoy tournaments, we have specialized classes suited for them (Advanced Training Program – ATP). With the right frame of mind, there are many positive lessons that can be learned from competing in tournaments. Some of the benefits include:

Resiliency students will learn to accept winning and losing gracefully, and to control their emotions under pressure. An important part of tournaments is learning fairplay and sportsmanship.

Safe Environment to Apply Skills students can practice skills they have learnt in class. AIMA chooses tournaments where safety equipment is required, and where the tournaments are operated by professional martial artists.

The AIMA Way competing with students from other schools gives us the opportunity to apply The AIMA Way. AIMA encourage members to be open-minded and respectful to other arts and styles.

Travel, Meet New People & Have FUN!!! Tournaments give us the opportunity to go on trips with AIMA Instructors and fellow classmates. Tournaments take us to other cities and countries to meet people who share similar interests. You have the opportunity to share ideas, techniques, philosophies and stories with students from other schools.

AIMA Instructors have been competing in tournaments with martial artist around the world. AIMA Instructors have competed with artists from Asia (China, Philippines, Japan, Korea), the Americas (USA, Mexico, Guatamala, Brazil, Chile), Europe (England, Ireland, Scotland, Russia) and Oceania (New Zealand, Australia).

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