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We have carefully chosen a team of instructors who will best help you on your journey at AIMA. Here are some interesting tid-bits about what makes an AIMA Instructor unique:

Passion AIMA Instructors practice The AIMA Way… they are not just words, but a way of life.
Experience AIMA Instructors have over 5 decades of combined martial arts experience, in numerous styles.
Education AIMA Instructors have all achieved an under-graduate degree or higher, and value life long learning.
Achievemnt AIMA Instructors have competed extensively over their martial arts competitive career at all levels of competition.
Community AIMA Instructors are active in their community through volunteering and sponsoring charities and events.
Compassion AIMA Instructors realize that they are fortunate to be able to practice their art - as a result, they are dedicated to the growth of each and every student.
Fun last, but not least… AIMA Instructors know that enjoyment is key to long-term success! Experience: AIMA Instructors have over 5 decades of combined martial arts experience, in numerous styles.

Pak Chan
Pak Chan
Joanna Chan
Joanna Chan

Guro Lal Daswani, 4th degree

Background:Before training in Mano-Mano, Guro Lal was exposed to the martial arts through Tai Chi, Karate, and Kung Fu. He soon found that these arts did not offer the excitement that he was looking for as a child. It was at this time that he met a master in Mano-Mano. Guro Lal formally began his training in Mano-Mano in 1986 under the tutelage of Amang Guro Vicente Ferrer. In Mano-Mano, he found a system that integrated all aspects of martial arts – in Mano-Mano, he found his passion!

Achievements: In 1991, Guro Lal achieved his Blackbelt in Mano-Mano, and in 2001 he received his 4th degree in Sikaran. In 2001, he was awarded the status of Guro (master) by the World Mano-Mano Federation. Throughout his training in Mano-Mano, Guro Lal trained in many other styles to round out his skills.

Since 1983, Guro Lal has competed in over 100 local, regional, national, and international competitions. Guro Lal has consistently placed top 10 in each of his 5 World Championships, with his highest placing (a Bronze) at the 1995 World Championships. In his nearly 2 decades of competing, Guro Lal has won over 200 trophies and medals, and nearly 50 Grand Championships. More satisfying than his own competitive achievements, Guro Lal has trained numerous national and international champions. He hopes to bring his expertise and passion to the students of AIMA.

Education: Lal believes that the key to success in the martial arts (and in life) is to develop a strong mind and body. Lal has completed his B.Comm., MCBA, and MBA. When Lal is not teaching, he is busy providing advisory services to the financial service sector.

Guro Aaron Racette, 4th degree

Background:Before Mano Mano, Aaron trained in a variety of styles including, Kung Fu, Judo, and Karate. In late 1989, he entered the Ferrer School of Martial Arts headed by Amang Guro Vicente Ferrer (6th Degree). Not long after, a young Black Belt named Lalchand Daswani took Aaron under his wing and accelerated his training under the guidance of Mr. Ferrer. Sikaran has become Aaron's passion today.

Achievements: Since becoming a Black Belt in late 1994, Aaron has enjoyed much success in competition and met many amazing martial artists. Most memorable for him was his trip to the Philippines in 1998, where he competed in the World Sikaran Tournament. Here he had the honour of being the Captain of Team Canada, representing not only his nation but his instructor, Vicente Ferrer. The team did very well, winning nearly every division they competed in. Aaron walked away with Gold in both sparring and forms but even more, with the intense gratification that their efforts won Mr. Ferrer a great sense of pride, and the admiration among the Sikaran Masters. In 2002 Aaron attained his 3rd Degree in Mano Mano and was given his Guro status. Through 11 years of Black Belt competition, Aaron has accumulated over 10 Grand Championships, numerous regional titles, and a top 5 placing in each of his 2 years of International and World Competitions; with his highest placing being a bronze in 2000. In the past 10 years Aaron has taught Sikaran and Mano Mano throughout Alberta and BC, and trained with many great instructors from different styles. He has found his best friends to be those he trains with and is overjoyed to join the AIMA Team and pass on his knowledge.

Pak Chan, 3rd degree

Background:Pak started his martial arts training in Hapkido in 1990. However, he was never really excited about his training, as he never felt that he was challenged as a martial artist. In 1996, Pak met Guro Lal who introduced him to the art of Sikaran and The AIMA Way. Under Guro Lal's guidance, Pak found an aspect of martial arts he never saw before – not competition with others, but betterment of oneself.

Achievements: In 2000, Pak achieved his Blackbelt in Sikaran, and in 2003 he received his 1st degree in Sikaran from Amang Guro Vicente Ferrer. Throughout his training, Pak has competed in numerous competitions and has been victorious on most occasions. He has numerous provincial, national, and international titles to his name, and has 4 Grand Championships under his belt. Pak is proud of not only his own victories, but also the accomplishments of his fellow classmates and students.

Education: Pak has achieved his B.Comm., majoring in Marketing, and a minor in Drama. When Pak is not busy teaching, he is busy training in pursuit of achieving a World Championship title!

Joanna Chan, 1st degree

Background:Joanna started her training in Sikaran in 2003. Before training at AIMA she had tried other styles including Taekwon Do and Karate but did not find them as challenging as Mano-Mano.

Achievements: Joanna achieved her Sikaran black belt in 2008. She has also competed in many local and regional tournaments. In addition to her martial arts skills she offers nutritional consulting for AIMA members.

Education: Joanna received her Honors Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc. Hons.) in Nutrition and diploma as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). She has also completed her Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialty Marketing and Finance.

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