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The AIMA Way

There are many great things at AIMA. But without a doubt, what makes AIMA unique is "The AIMA Way". The AIMA Way is a philosophy built on three important principles:

Better as A-TEAM


The first principle of The AIMA Way is "Better as A-Team". At AIMA, we teach members skills to work effectively together, so that everyone ends up with a win-win situation. These skills will benefit your career, your education, and your relationship with your family and friends. At AIMA, you will find, it truly is Better as A-TEAM!


A (AIMA): By joining AIMA, you are automatically part of the A-TEAM. At AIMA, we strongly believe that everyone is equal, regardless of age, sex, religion, or race. T (Trust): The primary building block of A-TEAM is TRUST. By creating a safe and positive environment, we make it easy for everyone to trust one another. Without trust, there is no team! E (Express): Positive Communication is critical to team success. Learning to EXPRESS thoughts and opinions in a positive manner is a key ingredient to success in life. A (Assist): Sorry to break it to you... no one is perfect! (and neither are we) That is why it is important to ASSIST others to improve and become better. By helping one another, we all win in the end. Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. M (Maturity): Often, it may be easier to work alone than to work with others. However, all teams go through struggles and difficult times. It requires greater MATURITY to work through adversity and not give up (on yourself or others). Maturity is required in any high performing team. You will find that great leaders are developed, by being part of the A-TEAM!

AIM to Achieve


The second principle of The AIMA Way is "AIM to Achieve". For many people, it is very difficult to set and achieve their goals. At AIMA, we have a very simple formula...


A (Attitude): The right ATTITUDE is the first step in AIM to Achieve. At AIMA, you will always find a room full of excitement and positive energy. We work really hard to create a positive environment, where people are allowed to learn and grow. I (Intensity): Having a good attitude is nice... but it is not enough to achieve success! Hard work and INTENSE training is expected by members. Our Instructors work really hard to teach discipline and concentration to our members. After a while, giving 100% effort and not giving up becomes second nature. M (Mistakes): Having the right attitude, and training with intensity, is a must at AIMA. Training this way will lead to success... however, not without making a few MISTAKES along the way. The Instructors at AIMA realize that mistakes are a natural part of our training and journey. In fact, mistakes are cherished, as they help us learn and grow! A (Achievement): If you AIM (Attitude, Intensity, Mistakes), you will ACHIEVE! This easy formula helps us achieve success in the dojo and in life.
When you reach your goals with AIM to Achieve, you will feel a greater sense of happiness. This happiness leads to a more positive attitude, and will start the whole AIM to Achieve cycle over again!

ROOTS of Respect


The Third Principle of The AIMA Way is "ROOTS of Respect". In our fast paced society, the first thing that many neglect is common courtesy and compassion for others. That is why the most important Principle in The AIMA Way, is the ROOTS of Respect! We fundamentally believe that respect is the key to building ones character, which will lead to a healthy and happy life.

The acronym ROOTS is used to remind us that respect is the most important principle in The AIMA Way!


R (Rules): We expect all members to respect the RULES and Regulations at AIMA. The rules allow our members to learn in a safe, positive, and fun environment. O (Opponents): In our competitive society, we are generally taught to despise our opponents. At AIMA, respect for our OPPONENT is crucial, as a good opponent brings out the best in us. In fact, we believe that co-operation and harmony with our "opponent" is a better model that will lead to more win-win situations. O (Others): We expect all members to respect OTHERS, the Instructors, parents, and anyone that walks through the front doors of AIMA. T (Team): At AIMA, we often train in smaller TEAMS. Regardless of your role on the team, it is important that you show respect to all members equally. S (Self): For many, respecting oneself is often very difficult. However, if you do not learn to respect yourself, it is hard to expect others to respect you. At AIMA, we have created an environment where people are able to learn, grow, develop, and discover who they really are. We are very proud that our environment makes it easier for people to gain SELF-respect!
The AIMA Way is simple, yet effective. We believe that these values will help members lead a balanced life, of body, mind, and spirit.

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