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Black Belt Principles

Respect I will be respectful to myself and others. I will be courteous and humble to my Instructors, fellow classmates, and parents. I will always treat the dojo with respect.

Responsibility I will not make excuses. I will take accountability for my actions and assist in the development of my fellow classmates.

Honesty I will be sincere, trustworthy, and truthful to myself, my Instructors, and to my fellow classmates. I will provide honest feedback when asked.

Empathy I will be compassionate towards others, even when I do not personally agree with them. Advanced belts should not ridicule or laugh at lower belts, as we were all white belts once.

Fairness I will treat others fairly without stereotyping or discriminating. Prejudice has no place in my life.

Initiative I will always work hard, without being first told by the instructors.

Perseverance I will not give up when I am faced with difficult challenges. I will continue to work hard to overcome struggles.

Integrity I will be truthful and sincere in my thoughts and actions. I will remain true to my beliefs.

Courage I will face challenges head on, and ask for help when needed. I will try to do the right thing even when it is not easy.

Optimism I will maintain a positive attitude and promote a healthy training environment. I will look for the good in any situation. I understand that my positive energy can affect other people.

Discipline I will work hard in all aspects of life. I will be dedicated to becoming a focused and determined martial artist.

Confidence I will believe in myself and utilize all the skills available to me to achieve my goals in life. I will exemplify these skills in my training and when I am helping others.

I realize that no one is perfect, and that sometimes I will not be able to follow the AIMA Black Belt Principles. Nonetheless, I will strive to achieve the AIMA Black Belt Principles in all areas of my life.

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